Carpet Cleaning Houston TX Area!

Safe Bright Organics is professionally carpet cleaning Houston TX and its surrounding areas. After 20 years of experience we are Houston's best carpet cleaning company because we offer an all organic, bio friendly cleaning solution for steam cleaning carpets. We bring the friendly customer service, immaculate clean results and the peace of mind that you expect in any professional carpet cleaning company.

We have impressed our clients with our attention to detail, friendly customer service and prompt response times as you can see from our perfect 5-star google reviews. Nothing feels better than when you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned. From the beginning of our service, we educate you on our process and this special treatment keeps our customers calling back..

We work both residential and commercial carpet cleaning jobs, where we showcase our unique talent for safely removing dirt, scum, residue and all unwanted particulates from any dirty carpet.  Our service area is very large, so no matter where your home or office is located, we’ll be there. Safe Bright Organics is here for everyone who needs carpet cleaning in Houston and beyond. Let us go to work for you; you won’t regret it.

Carpet Cleaning Services

When you imagine a fresh clean carpet you can feel the sense of relief knowing that you had professional carpet cleaning services done for your home. The Safe Bright Organics cleaning technicians know what it takes to produce fresh scented stain free carpets. Our carpet cleaning process is amongst the best in the industry which means that you’ll be glad that you hired us!

Safe Bright Organics has all of the primary commercial equipment to handle your carpet cleaning with ease. We travel all around the Houston area conducting our carpet cleaning services with our primary weapon against dirty carpets - our steam cleaner.  Our truck-mounted steam cleaner is an industrial strength carpet cleaning machine that you just can’t rent!

At Safe Bright Organics, we offer many different types of carpet cleaning services which are upgrades to our regular service. Upgrading your cleaning chemicals to organic, power scrubbing tough stains, carpet odor treatment, turbo air dryers and Scotchgard treatment can be added to your service. Read below in detail about each of these upgraded carpet cleaning services. 

Organic Cleaning Agents

At your request, we will switch out our standard cleaning chemicals for our organic and biodegradable carpet cleaning solutions. These organic chemicals come from the earth, and will safely return back to the earth. The organic cleaning service is pet-friendly, human conscious and environmentally responsible, so let us know if you want to use this service.

Power Scrubbing

When you have extra deep and hard to remove stains in your carpet, we have to use the power scrubber. The power scrubber is a huge powered scrub brush machine which scrubs out heavy stains from your carpets. To begin the power scrubbing, we first spray the spot with our stain lifting chemicals. After the chemicals have loosened up the stain, we power scrub the spot, and afterwards go over the same spot with our steam cleaner to lift the stain away. You’ll find that no ugly stain is too tough for our power scrubbing machine!

Pet and Odor Treatment

If you’ve had animals in your home for a very long time, chances are that you want us to treat your carpet with our odor neutralizing carpet treatment. The special enzymes in this odor killing spray attack the source of the smell at the root of your carpet. Let us know if unwanted odors have been a problem because this treatment works on any other smells not caused by pets.

Teflon Scotchgard Protection

After your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, ask for our Scotchgard carpet protection which will prevent major stains from occurring in the near future! Teflon Scotchgard carpet treatment is a treatment for your carpet which repels dirt, and causes spills to bead up on the surface of the carpet. Like water off a duck's back, scotchgard treatment blocks liquids from soaking into the fibers of your carpet. This includes wine, soda, juice and any other stain causing liquids.

What are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning service?

Health and Wellbeing - One of the first benefits to have your carpets professionally cleaned is your own personal health and wellbeing. Having freshly cleaned and fresh smelling carpets has a way of relaxing the mind, knowing that you are in a clean and healthy home. Enjoy fresh air knowing that your carpets are newly cleaned of most allergens and dust.

Extend the Life of your Carpet - Steam cleaning your carpets regularly also means extending the life of your carpet. When dirt, sand and other contaminants get into your carpet, they act as little cutting edges, causing additional wear and tear on the fibers. It’s best to remove the deep filth using our steam cleaning process because regular vacuuming only touches the surface of your rug. 

Reduce Mold and Mildew - In the humid weather of Houston, mold can sometimes become a problem in an old carpet, and professional steam cleaning is the surest way to reduce this problem. We all know that mold is bad for our health and regular carpet cleaning service can greatly reduce this issue.

Here are some additional DIY tricks that you can employ yourself, and greatly extend the life of your carpet

Additional Cleaning Services

We don’t only clean carpets - We also clean area rugs as well. When it comes to your floors, we clean tile floors as well as wood floors too. Along with tile cleaning, we offer tile restoration as well. We clean many aspects of your home or office such as air duct cleaning, blinds cleaning, and for your exterior, we also clean concrete and stone!

Our service area is quite large, covering the entire Houston area and all of its surrounding suburbs. Don’t hesitate if you’re located in any of the following cities: Conroe, the Woodlands, Kingwood, Tomball, Porter, Humble, Willis or Cleveland.