Safe Bright Organics does the best air duct cleaning Houston! We provide professional air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning to residential and commercial properties in Houston and all surrounding areas. Our process of negative air retrieval ensures that we remove 99% of all contaminates from your air ducts.

We have perfect 5-star google reviews because we take pride in our work and offer absolutely fair pricing. Safe Bright Organics is the best air duct cleaning company in Houston TX! Our reviews speak for themselves! We deliver top quality results, and have the highest standard of customer service in the industry.

Negative air retrieval is a process by which we brush off the dust while simultaneously vacuuming it away. Our rotating auger is a brush that cleans off surfaces and is connected to our vacuum line. The combination of brushing and vacuuming removes all unwanted dusty buildup from your air vents - it does a great job.

Safe Bright Organics air duct cleaning service may include our thermo-fog treatment with Sporicidin and Microban at your request. This thermo-fog treatment destroys mold and bacteria in your air. When we thermo-fog your air ducts, we release the Sporicidin mist through your cold air return. This ensures that all mold is eliminated from your system at the root of the problem.

Air Duct Cleaning ServicesHow to know if you need Air Duct Cleaning Services

The easiest way to tell if you need air duct cleaning service is to just look inside your air ducts. A simple visual inspection of your air ducts is the fastest way to know. Simply remove one or more of your air ducts and look inside using a flashlight for better view. If you see dust along the walls of the ducts, call us now!

Have you noticed that you are dusting your home more and more frequently?. Dirty buildup in your air ducts can happen over time when we forget to change our filters as often as required. This can lead to your air system spewing out dust all throughout your home causing the need for more frequent cleaning. 

Can you see dust bunnies forming around the vents of your air ducts? Over time, dust can slowly build up around the vents and air intake grate as well. Dusty buildup on these surfaces means for sure that you need to get your air duct cleaning services done right away. We've written at length regarding how to know if you need air duct cleaning service on this blog post.

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How often should I clean my air ducts?

In order to keep your air ducts clean, we recommend that you get cleaning service every three to five years. If you change your air filter promptly as you should, then you will be able to wait longer in between cleanings. If you are constantly forgetting to change your filter on time, you may need to clean your ducts more often. How often should you clean your air ducts? Certainly every time that you find them dirty.

Vent CleaningWe also Clean Dryer Vents!

Cleaning dryer vents is critical in preventing house fires.The lint that isn’t caught by your lint trap can slowly build up in your vent, and this is an extreme fire hazard! Be sure and have us clean your dryer vents while we are already performing your air duct cleaning. Having clean dryer vents is also a great way to save on electricity. Maximizing air flow from your dryer exhaust saves power which means that you save money! Read this usefull article about Dryer Vent Hazards!

Air Duct Cleaning ServiceWhat are the benefits of air duct cleaning, Houston?

Clean Fresh Air / Air Quality: Enjoy fresh clean air, free from odors and molds. Rest assured that you aren’t breathing in yesterday's dirty buildup. Sleep easy knowing that you and your family have freshly cleaned air ducts.

Better Performance of your HVAC System: When your heating and air conditioning system is free of dirty buildup, it takes less effort to control your home temperature. When we deep clean your HVAC system, we clean the cold air return, evaporator / condenser coils and your drip pans.

Energy Savings: The reduced load on your heater / air conditioner means instant savings because you use less power. Everything in your air system world more efficiently and easier with you have recently used air duct cleaning services.

Better Health and Wellbeing: Knowing that you are breathing the cleanest possible air in your Houston home, you will rest well at night. The inviting feeling of neutral fresh air causes everyone to relax easily.

Air Duct Cleaning

Looking for air duct cleaning services?

Our process begins with an inspection of your current ventilation situation. After we determine the level of work required we’ll give you an estimate for your air duct cleaning. You’ll have enough information to decide on standard air duct cleaning service, or deep cleaning service

Our standard air duct cleaning service starts by removing your grates and vent covers. We then run our cleaning auger, brushing and vacuuming out your air ducts until everything is clear. Once the lines and vent covers are cleaned, we also clean your cold air return (behind your air filter). Our air duct cleaning service includes the fans in your bathrooms. The last step is to replace your air filter because changing your filter regularly means cleaner air for all. 

In our deep cleaning service, we get into the core of your air duct system. We disconnect the main air vents and clean drip pans, blower motors and the heart of your HVAC system. All critical elements of your air conditioning system get cleaned such as your air handler. The final touch is to thoroughly clean off your vent faces inside and out. Finally, we run a thermo-fog treatment which will kill off all bacteria in your system. 


Commercial air duct cleaning services in Houston

The team at Safe Bright Organics not only provides residential air duct cleaning, we also clean commercial sized air ducts also. We can produce the best indoor air quality at your warehouse, office, retail or garage. We are available to do commercial air duct cleaning service anywhere in Houston and the surrounding area.

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We cover everything in the Houston and Montgomery county areas. We are here and ready to clean your ducts and dryer vents now! We are highly recommended by our 5-star google reviews! Our service area includes Harris, Montgomery, Waller, Brazoria, Galveston, Fort Bend, Liberty, Chambers, Wharton and Houston. For duct and dryer cleaning services in the Houston area, call Safe Bright Organics at 832-401-3146!